The Future Center

Ganzach Kiddush Hashem has far outgrown its current space and is currently constructing a world-class international education and meeting center, the Center for Jewish Values & Heroism. The center is scheduled to open in the coming years. With the opportunity of a new home comes the opportunity to develop a new bold vision – expanding the work of Ganzach Kiddush Hashem, which until now was to celebrate Jewish values and heroism before, during, and after the Holocaust. The new center broadens this vision to include highlighting Jewish experiences in other contexts and countries in which Jews have demonstrated strength and courage, such as in the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, and North Africa.

The Necessity

Treasures cannot be tapped into if they are buried out of sight. The same holds true for Jewish values that sustained and guided the Jewish People over thousands of years. But how can future generations learn from Jewish values and experiences if these stories are not commonly told?

The Center for Jewish Values & Heroism is unique as it is not merely about the facts of the Holocaust. Rather, it tells the story of Jewish heroism, perseverance, courage, and faith throughout the ages and in our time.

The values that will be portrayed in the new center are applicable to people of all backgrounds. Inspired by the unique experience of Orthodox Jewry, the Center for Jewish Values & Heroism, will maintain its relevance to all audiences, from all sectors of Israeli society to diaspora Jewry and non-Jews. Furthermore, it will aim to build bridges of understanding and respect between secular and religious communities. 

With an appreciation for individual stories, the interactive future center will use state of the art technology and will continue to bring programming to educational institutions.


The exhibitions in the future center will include the pre, during, and post Holocaust periods. The displays dealing with the Holocaust era will tell the tale of faith and Jewish life in the ghettos, concentration camps, and other places of persecution. The history of the events will be displayed, as well as how individuals defended their values and maintained their dignity through stories of family, leadership, education, respect for Halacha (Jewish Law), celebration of holidays, resistance, and maintaining one’s dignity. The stories portrayed will not only take place in Europe and the former Soviet Union, but in North Africa as well. Furthermore, the center will present the strength the survivors possessed in rebuilding their lives.

The content portraying other experiences, including in modern times will delve into the topic of spiritual strength regarding leadership, humanity & kindness, faith, family, community, Torah & mitzvahs, and holidays. The center will illustrate how the Jewish communities survived and thrived in various places around the world. Experiences include the Farhud (pogrom) in Iraq, the Chmielnitzky massacres, as well as czarist and communist oppression. With regards to the former Soviet Union, visitors will learn how Jews strove to hold onto their Jewish identity, religion, and culture despite hostile and dangerous circumstances.

With the new larger Center for Jewish Values & Heroism, Ganzach Kiddush Hashem will be able to continue its research and documentation activities on a larger scale. The new space will provide a more suitable home for its archives and collections.

The Location

The location of the future center is easily accessible from the Tel Aviv area, in the new employment zone in the triangle of Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, and Tel Aviv. This location symbolizes the unity and diversity of the Jewish People and encourages visitors to examine the past in order to apply meaningful lessons to their daily lives.

Perpetuating Jewish Values

The future center project was launched at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem in December 2018, followed by a weekend symposium in New York in March 2019. The launch was supported by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, Ambassador Ido Aharoni, and philanthropist Sol Werdiger.

Please join us in building the future center and tapping into the richness of Jewish values and heroism, and in passing on the legacy of the Holocaust survivors and victims.

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The future center will include the following departments:

The Library Department

A central library with thousands of volumes, reading rooms, and computer rooms


The Databases & Archive Department

Scientifically sorted and classified documents, databse of photographs and artwork all over the Diaspora in the past and present, oral and video testimonies


The Education & Teaching Department

Study rooms, Holocaust Education workshops, database of teaching materials and subjects for educators, and various educational tools


Permanent Exhibitions

The permanent exhibition will present the glory of the lost Jewish world and its traditions in both the east and west, describe the heroism of the Jewish soul, kiddush Hashem, and rescue during the Holocaust, and the rebirth of the nation postwar


Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions on subjects related to the traditional Jewish way of life, in accordance with educational and public needs