“In Order That You May Tell it to Future Generations” (Psalms 48:14)

Ganzach Kiddush Hashem works endlessly to collect survivor testimonies. It is a special merit for us to continue these meetings with survivors, to preserve their experiences of suffering, endurance, and rebirth, and to pass these stories on to the young generation as a chapter in the strength of the Jewish soul and as the spiritual legacy of the survivors.

Dear Holocaust Survivor!

Have you documented your experiences?

Have you revealed the miracles of your survival in the years of horror?

Have you told your story postwar?

A professional and sensitive staff will come to your home and preserve your memories. And together we will remember those who sancitifed G-d’s Name in our generation.

And you, the second, third, and fourth generation after the Holocaust,

Now is the time to assist your dear ones to tell their stories in order to pass them on from generation to generation.

Additionally, we ask you to entrust us with Hoocaust era artifacts, photographs, and documents in order to preserve them and the memory of the Holocaust.

Remember what Amalek did to us – Do not forget!

For details, please contact: 054-855-0254 or ganzach@ganzach.org.il

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