Documents Archive

The Documents Archive contains around 2 million documents, which have undergone or are undergoing sorting, preservation, scanning, cataloguing, and digitization. Amongst the documents one can find rare items and collections of great historical value.

Here is merely a sample of our vast resources:

  • The Plinker Collection is a rare collection of testimonies of survivors who escaped Europe to the Land of Israel during the Holocaust, mainly in 1941-1942. We hold the only surviving copy of the collection.
  • The personal collection of Rabbi Moshe Prager, the founder of Ganzach Kiddush Hashem.
  • Information casting light on the broad rescue activities of the Hatzalah (rescue) organization and activists including Rabbi Michael Dov Ber Weissmandel, Rabbi Chaim Israel Eiss, Rabbi Yaakov Griffel, and Recha Sternbuch.

Aside from Holocaust related material, the Documents Archive also holds documents commemorating Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora. This includes a collection of posters displaying the public discourse on topics of interest in particular times as well as a part of the Bnei Brak City Archive detailing the establishment of the city.

Ganzach Kiddush Hashem also holds a newspaper and journal collection. Our collection of about 1500 items, begins in the year 1887 and contains general press material, Charedi press material, political party publications, and philosophical journals. Included are both individual newspapers and journals, as well as sets. The materials in this collection are mostly in Yiddish and Hebrew, but some items are written in other languages. These resources are a window into what the current events were in various historical periods.