Survivor Testimony Database

Survivor Testimony Database

The famous Holocaust survivor and author, Elie Wiesel, stated that “Whoever listens to a witness, becomes a witness.” Listening to the testimonies and stories of survivors is critical to preserving the memories and commemorating the horrible events that befell our nation.

Sadly, the survivors who witnessed the horrors and remember the world destroyed by the Holocaust are disappearing. The survivors are dwindling, and even those who are still with us find it more and more difficult to give their testimony. For this reason, collecting and preserving evidence is a true rescue activity.

The collection of evidence must be carried out with maximum professionalism, understanding, and sensitivity to the unimaginable pain of the survivors and the magnitude of the tragedies they experienced. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Claims Conference, the Estate Department, and the Holocaust Restitution Organization, Ganzach Kiddush Hashem collects testimonies by a team of skilled researchers specially trained for this task. In light of the unique religious nature that Ganzach Kiddush Hashem maintains, the parties determined that Ganzach is best suited to collect testimonies from Orthodox survivors, due to its understanding of their world and values.

Ganzach Kiddush Hashem currently holds around 2000 visual testimonies and we maintain a list of survivors who would like to be interviewed.

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"גנזך קידוש השם" עוסק באופן אינטנסיבי בגביית עדויות מניצולי שואה על ידי צוות תחקירנים שהוכשר
לכך. עד היום נגבו מאות רבות של עדויות המספרות את סיפור האמונה וניצחונה של הרוח.

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