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One of the main goals of Ganzach Kiddush Hashem is to connect the current and future generations to the past. Photographs are one of the most effective tools available, as they present the destroyed world in a living manner, in a powerful and authentic way. This collection contains around 300,000 images from the Holocaust era, as well as images illustrating prewar Jewish life from the advent of photography.

The Jewish Past – Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora, the world of Torah and Hasidism, rabbis, customs, traditions, and lifestyles

The Holocaust – Antisemitism, ghettos, deportation to the camps, acts of self-sacrifice, the greatness of man, and the sanctification of G-d’s name

The Rebirth – The journey from the displaced person’s camps to Jewish communities in Israel and around the world, the contribution of the survivors in building communities and reestablishing the world of Torah and Chasidism

Israel – Immigration to Israel over the generations, illegal immigration to Israel, the State of Israel, the rebirth of the Jewish and spiritual world

The Jews in the Diaspora Today – Communities around the world, Jewish leadership, and modern antisemitism

The Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Archive holds 300,000 photos documenting various topics

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