Hungarian Jewry

Hungarian Jewry The Holocaust of the Hungarian Jews took place at the end of World War II and was mostly carried out within a few months. From the month of Adar to the month of Tamuz 1944 (May-July 1944). On March 15, 1944 (in the month of Adar), the German army invaded Hungary. Immediately the Jews were marked with yellow patches, their property was confiscated, they were ordered to relocate to ghettos that were established in every city of Hungary. On May 15 (Sivan) 1944, t...[Read more]
Hungarian Jewry - Regions of Jewish Grace
Moshe Schnewald – Shabbat on the Train (Szarvas, Hungary)
Regions of Jewish Grace – Booklet
Yehudit Rubinfeld – “Der Shvester Lager” (Camp Sisters) (Lutynia, Hungary)
Moshe Kugler – How 1000 Will be Chased/The Budapest Ghetto (Sopron, Hungary)
Avraham Gershon Fonfeder – Returning to Life (Budapest, Hungary)
Atara Blumenthal - Bergen-Belsen (Szarvas, Hungary)
Moshe Chaim Shelenger – Bergen-Belsen in the Eyes of the Painter (Budapest, Hungary)
Uri Teitelbaum – In the Train on the Way to Auschwitz (Hajdunanas, Hungary)
Rebbetzin Esther Klein – The Last Blessing from My Father (Kerestir, Hungary)
Pinchas Daskal – The Escape from Hungary (Budapest, Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – The Deportation from Home (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Esther Dawidowicz – The Wonderous Rescue from the Gas Chambers (Hungary)
Sarah Weiss – Survival in Auschwitz (Margitta, Hungary)
Shmuel Navon – The Occupation in Hungary, Escape Attempts (Budapest, Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – Auschwitz/The First Meeting with Death (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Rebbetzin Esther Klein – My First Meeting with the Auschwitz Camp (Kerestir, Hungary)
Sarah Stein – The Separation from My Mother at the Entrance to Auschwitz (Hungary)
Avraham Gershon Fonfeder – Rescue from the Glass House (Budapest, Hungary)
Yitzchak Klein – Attempted Rescue on the Train (Debrecen, Hungary)
Avraham Gershon Fonfeder – Shabbat Songs from My Father’s Home (Budapest, Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – The Life of Suffering in the Camp (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Edith Weiss – Wedding in a DP Camp (Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – “Little Jerusalem”/Memories from My Grandparents (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – A Souvenir from Home (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Malka Shenhav – An Angel Guarded My Mother/My Mother’s Escape Attempt (Budapest, Hungary)
Yosef Goldberger – Escape Attempts (Debrecen, Hungary)
Yehudit Rubinfeld – Giving and Support in the Bergen-Belsen Camp (Lutynia, Hungary)
Rivka Weiss – Endless Giving (Hungary)
Rebbetzin Esther Klein – The Counting of the Omer on the Way to Work (Kerestir, Hungary)
Moshe Kugler – Forced Labour and the Miraculous Escape (Sopron, Hungary)
Edith Weiss – Forced Labour (Selish, Hungary)
Rivka Weiss – Meeting Anew at the End of the War (Kishkinizs, Hungary)
Rivka Weiss – The Separation from My Father from the Moving Train (Kiskinisz, Hungary)
Chaya Harbest – Starvation in the Bergen-Belsen Camp (Mako, Hungary)
Yehoshua Danziger – Shabbat in the Labour Camp (Tiszalok, Hungary)
Avraham Gershon Fonfeder – Liberation of Budapest (Budapest, Hungary)
Sarah Stein – A Song of Faith and Prayer in Auschwitz (Hungary)
Yitzchak Klein – Keeping Mitzvot in the Labour Camp (Debrecen, Hungary)
Rivka Weiss – The Wisdom of a Jewish Mother (Hungary)
Avraham Gershon Fonfeder – Pictures for Remembrance (Budapest, Hungary)
Edith Rothschild – Prayers in Auschwitz (Hungary)