Mutual Responsibility

“All the People of Israel are responsible for one another.” Even amid the devastating and difficult reality in which the Jews of Europe lived during the war, there were many who mobilized to help the weak among them and those in need - whether by means of entire charitable organizations established for this purpose or whether by means of private acts of relief and help from one person to another. As the years go by, we are exposed to more and more documents about the extent of mutual aid and res...[Read more]
Rabbi Sinai Adler – A Lesson in Faith (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Lonely But Not Alone

Faiga Leah Bolak – Assistance and Aid in the Lodz Ghetto (Lodz, Poland)
Esther Horberg – Mutual Aid in the Labour Camp (Krakow, Poland)
Poria Sokal – Mutual Aid with Self-Sacrifice/The Death March (Warsaw, Poland)
Chava Drenger – Mutual Aid in Auschwitz (Poland)
Gita Cycowicz – “Living Waters” (Chust, Czechoslovakia)
Dov Silber – Hospitality with the Outbreak of the War (Piotrkow, Poland)
“Send Forth Your Bread Upon the Surface of the Water”

Frieda Schiff – Hosting Guests in Romania (Bielec, Poland)
Yehudit Rubinfeld – “Der Shvester Lager” (Camp Sisters) (Lutynia, Hungary)
Yehoshua Eibishitz – Work on Yom Kippur (Wielun, Poland)
Yehudit Rubinfeld – Giving and Support in the Bergen-Belsen Camp (Lutynia, Hungary)
A Roll and Herring

Sarah Geiger – Taking Care to Respect Parents (Lodz, Poland)
Abba Halperin – Auschwitz (Lithuania)
Devorah Berger – An Apple in the Camp (Lodz, Poland)
Yosef Dzialowski – A Lesson in Faith in a Labour Camp (Lodz, Poland)
Poria Sokal – “Camp Sisters” – Majdanek (Warsaw, Poland)
Uri Teitelbaum – In the Train on the Way to Auschwitz (Hajdunanas, Hungary)
The Gemara of a Young Girl