Ganzach Kiddush Hashem Receives a Unique & Important Collection of Documents of Rabbi Yerachmiel Eliyahu Boczko

Rabbi Boczko was born in Lithuania, a student of the Novhardok Yeshiva and of the Mussar (morals) Movement. He established the Eitz Chaim Yeshiva in Montreux, Switzerland, and served as its head. During the Second World War, he worked a lot with his brother-in-law, Rabbi Sternbuch, and the Vaad HaHatzala (Rescue Committee) in Switzerland on behalf of the Jews of occupied lands and the many refugees who came to Switzerland.

During the Second World War, hundreds of refugees found refuge in the yeshiva. He passed away on Tevet 28, 5716 (Jan. 12, 1956) on his way to the United States; his coffin was brought to Jerusalem to the Sanhedria Cemetery.

The collection of documents includes personal and family documents, documents related to the Eitz Chaim Yeshiva and its students, notebooks including a summary of his lessons, lists, and photos

The collection was entrusted to us by the family, following the blessed efforts of Rabbi Avraham Abba Weingort. The collection was organized by his wife, Mrs. Yona Weingort. Ganzach Kiddush Hashem is grateful for the privilege of keeping this valuable collection in its archive. The collection will be registered and scanned and then made available to researchers and the public.

What I said on Shavuot 5688 (1928)… a day will come when they will go from rejection to rejection, from exile to exile, and they will hear horrifying voices and lightning. They will see torches and walk on bonfires, and a heavy cloud will cover their heads. Then perhaps he will come in terrible despair, and they will be careless and say, “We are not to blame for this.” Like for example the decree of Rabbi Akiva, the decree of Baba ben Buta. Therefore he showed them first the fire and the torches and a heavy cloud and to this they said: Nevertheless we are ready not only to hear the Torah from the expansion, but we will also do it at a time when we are obliged to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of God […]

תמונה ללא תיאור