In Light of the Difficult Circumstances Facing Our People and Our Country

“Our brethren, the entire house of Israel, who are given over to trouble or captivity​” – our eyes are fixed in prayer for their safety. Manifestations of faith, devotion, and love of one’s fellow Jew reach us from all over and prove that “there is none like your nation Israel”.

One of the most difficult experiences these days is the uncertainty that surrounds us, starting with the actual brutal invasion of our country, and continuing with the uncertainty regarding the fate of hundreds of Jews, from young to old.

Jewish heroism, based on the belief that “God will not abandon his people” is passed down from generation to generation, as evidenced by the thousands of testimonies that we keep for generations to come.

This week, this heroism was revealed for all to see in the most difficult situations.

We call for a strengthening of prayer for the heroes of Israel on the front and on the homefront, for the sick, and for those in captivity

“Guardian of Israel, guard the remnant of Israel.” (Tachanun prayer)

“Look from Heaven and see, and be mindful of this vine, and of the foundation that Your right hand has planted” (Psalms 80:15-16)

The Slonimer Rebbe, known as the “Netivot Shalom,” referred to similar situations after the Yom Kippur War, and his words are strong and relevant to our situation today.

We present these words (in Hebrew) as in the original, praying that the darkness and the fog will be removed and we will soon reach “a new light on Zion” (Shacharit prayer)

Please click here to view the Slonimer Rebbe’s writings (in Hebrew).